Proposed new Firefox IDN display algorithm

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Jan 30 14:07:26 CET 2012

Hi Mark,

Again, thanks for your very helpful input.

On 23/01/12 21:12, Mark Davis ☕ wrote:
> The Unicode Consortium in U6.1 (due out soon) is adding the property
> Script_Extensions, to provide that data. The sample code in #39 should
> be updated to include that, so handling those cases.

Can you be a bit more specific about "soon"? :-)

So this data will associate a number (N, > 1) of language names with 
each Common or Inherited character?

> Most of the check for different numbering systems is handled by the
> script detection. The only real additional work is to verify there there
> is no more than one numbering system.

>   * Check to see that all the characters are in the sets of exemplar
>     characters for at least one language in the Unicode Common Locale
>     Data Repository. [XXX What does this mean? -- Gerv]
> The Unicode CLDR project gathers information on the characters used in
> given languages, both the main characters, and those commonly used
> 'foreign' characters.

Let me put my query another way: "what does this check add that is not 
covered by the previous checks"? Is it a way of expanding the definition 
of what's in a particular script, to include characters which are 
technically classed as being in other scripts? Or something else?


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