IUCG initial comment to ICANN

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Thu Jan 5 13:56:42 CET 2012

FYI, since my e-mail is blocked on this list, I sent this mail to ICANN.



the IUCG accompanies the iucg at ietf.org non-WG mailing list. Its 
purpose is to permit Internet, and IETF users to contribute to the 
architecture, technology and practice of their own multitechnology 
Integrated and Intelligent Use (IUse) of the whole digital ecosystem. 
In the considered area it therefore explores the architectural 
support of polynymy (strict synonymy in a different context) and 
orthotypography (typographical syntax of a language) that IDNA2008 
does not consider but locates in the user part of the presentation 
layer support (RFC 5895).

We plan having a debate on the VIP report in the coming weeks and 
meet the Jan 31, 2012 deadline. We could not engage into such a 
debate prior to the publication of the report (however some of our 
members participated to the WG/VIP discussion) because we have 
difficulties in understanding how it fits in our targets.

Our priority is: how to implement IDNA2008 (i.e. the RFC set from RFC 
5890 to RFC 5895) on the user side (what we called the IDNA2010 
project) and to organize its mutual interadministration (what we 
called the IDNA2012 project).

1. The ICANN charter of the work 

- does not quote IDNA as architecture, only as an area of expertise 
for DNS experts.
- does not refer to IDNA2008 or to any other RFC. The only RFC which 
is quoted (in a note) is the RFC 3743 to define a possible meaning of 
the key word "variant".

We therefore had to wait for the completion of the 
draft to review a complete and homogeneous set of positions.

2. When we first discovered that document we decided to work out first:

- an IUWW version (i.e. a working wiki). This is underway.
- the missing executive summary which is necessary for a constructive 
debate over a document of 108 pages plus substantial annexes.
- a general "Internet+" framework integrating the IAB/IETF end to end 
network now finalized capacities within the fringe to fringe 
Intelligent Use solutions we need and expect.

This post-IDNA2008 "Internet+" people centric (cf. WSIS  [World 
Summit on Information Society] unanimous resolution) framework has to 
be in continuity with the RFC 1287, RFC 1958 and RFC 3439, respecting 
the RFC 3935, attentive to RFC 3869, following the ICANN-ICP-3 
requirements, in phase with the responses we obtained from the IESG 
and IAB and able to positively take advantage from the VIP work, the 
ICANN Affirmation of Commitment with the US Government (and hopefully 
all the other similar affirmation jointly signed with GAC Members) as 
well as other contributions received or expected from other 
multilinguistics (as the discipline of the linguistic coexistence) 
and digital architecture oriented agoras.


JFC Morfin
Facilitator, iucg at ietf.org

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