Proposed new Firefox IDN display algorithm

=JeffH Jeff.Hodges at
Wed Feb 15 08:26:16 CET 2012

John C Klensin <klensin at> wrote in part on
Tue, 07 Feb 2012 01:35:00 -0500:
 > (2) I deliberately didn't mention it in my long note but, from a
 > UI design standpoint, I'd like to see Firefox do two additional
 > things.
 > The second, and even more important, is that I believe the
 > browser should provide a very accessible, very easy-to-use,
 > transcoder for these labels.  The best UI may differ among
 > browsers and platforms, but, as an example for desktop machines,
 > I'd like to be able to right-click on a domain name or label or
 > even highlighted/ selected string and have all three of U-label
 > form, A-label form, and a list of Unicode code points (in U+NNNN
 > or \u'NNNN' form) easily available.

yes, I'd like to see such a feature too. Coincidentally, I suggested something 
like this to an IDN implementor at one of the browser vendors not too long ago 
while I was playing around with their IDN capabilities. ( I don't think he was 
convinced of such a feature's utility..)

 > For the user who does know
 > what is going on (or who can learn) that particular
 > tool/facility is likely to be far more useful in the long run
 > than any collection of "we know more about this than you do and
 > are here to protect you" tools.  For what I think Gerv believes
 > is the more typical user (and he is probably right) such a tool
 > is, at worst, another feature like "display source" that will
 > never be used.



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