wrt IDNA2008 migration (was: IDN processing-related security considerations for draft-ietf-websec-strict-transport-sec)

=JeffH Jeff.Hodges at KingsMountain.com
Fri Sep 30 21:59:00 CEST 2011

while investigating this stuff I heard that the "DNS world"  is moving to 
IDNA2008 -- not exactly sure what that means -- registry/registrars, resolver 
code, ... ?

But given the deltas between IDNA2008, IDNA2008 + RFC5895, IDNA2008 + UTS46, 
and IDNA2003, it seems to me that it'd be a good thing if we can try to get 
more uniform IDNA2008 adoption overall, i.e. bite the bullet now rather than 
later when it's a lot bigger.

I note that these issues have been discussed at length on this list over the 
prior few years, and a perusal of the archives will likely be useful (e.g. cite 
previous messages rather than typing them all over again :)


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