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Thu May 5 08:52:39 CEST 2011

"Jiankang YAO" <yaojk at cnnic.cn> writes:

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>> "Jiankang YAO" <yaojk at cnnic.cn> writes:
>>> Reminder. The WG last call will end soon. If you still have any comments, pls
>>> kindly give it before the deadline.
>> Could you please clarify the last sentence in the WGLC?  
> That sentence tries to express the meaning that the authors/editors
> try to deliver to the WG.
> John C Klensin, the contributor of this document, has given the
> explanation of this sentense in response to your message, and Paul
> Hoffman, the co-editor/author of this document has confirmed it.
> Thanks.
> Jiankang Yao
>>As I asked
>> before, is the intention that this document will be marked as updating
>> any earlier RFC or not?  
> John has suggested that we should leave it to be decided by IESG.
> Personally, I agree with his suggestion.

Thanks for response -- this seems fine to me as well.


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