[apps-discuss] WGLC: draft-faltstrom-5892bis-04.txt

Jiankang YAO yaojk at cnnic.cn
Wed May 4 11:26:34 CEST 2011

Reminder. The WG last call will end soon. If you still have any comments, pls
kindly give it before the deadline.

Best regards,
Jiankang Yao(as a co-chair of APPSAWG)

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  Dear colleagues,

  This message starts a two-week WGLC on the draft
  draft-faltstrom-5892bis-04.txt.  We did formally
  adopt this I-D as a WG document a few months ago.
  There has a lot of discussion and an informal last call for comments about
  this draft in the IDNAbis list idna-update at alvestrand.no.  
  The editors/authors of this draft believe that this draft has been in a very good shape.

  Please review the draft.  If you support publication, please state as
  much on the list.  If you are opposed to publication, please state
  that on the list as well.  It is more/only helpful if you give your reasons for
  your position as part of your statement.  

  Since this draft is the WG item of APPSAWG, we favor that the comments to this draft are sent to the list apps-discuss at ietf.org. 

  The WGLC will end on May 08, 2011 at 23:00 UTC.

  Note: This draft is a document that updates an earlier RFC by stating nothing is to be updated. 

  Best regards,
  Jiankang Yao(as a co-chair of APPSAWG)


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