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At 17:19 22/03/2011, Mark Davis ☕ wrote:
>See also Section 2.1 in 
>In particular:
>Implementations should simply use the derived properties, and should 
>not try to rederive them from lists of simple properties and 
>collections of rules, because of the chances for error and 
>divergence when doing so.
>Definitions of property derivations are provided for information 
>only, typically in comment fields in the data files. Such 
>definitions may be refactored, refined, or corrected over time.
Correct, this is why we need a script/fount neutral network support 
of the graphic symbol (not the character) set based on geometry. As 
long as Unicode variations are permited (1) we do not have the 
permanent referent we consider we have (2) we have Unicode as an help 
but also a mutch too sophisticated separation with symbolic use. A 
typical problem is ".6r" for Bulgaria.

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