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Andrew Sullivan ajs at
Thu Mar 10 13:56:19 CET 2011

Hi everyone, 

I notice the attached message didn't make it to this list.  There are
likely some here who don't subscribe to dnsext (!), so I thought it
wise to forward it here too.

While I'm in drum-beating mode, I want to note that DNSEXT is working
on this draft: draft-ietf-dnsext-aliasing-requirements.  It needs work
still, but we are keenly hoping to bring the discussion to a close
soon (I'm aiming for a WGLC shortly after Prague).  We will devote
more than half of our scheduled time in Prague to that document.  If
you want to come and sit in, please feel free; we'll deal with it
first so you don't have to listen to the rest of the DNS discussions
if you don't want.



Andrew Sullivan
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Shinkuro, Inc.
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