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Mon Mar 7 16:42:48 CET 2011

In that case, rather than rest on an idiosyncratic meaning of "contributor",
it would be much better to say just what you said:

  The main contributors are (in alphabetical order):
  The main individuals whose discussion of this document influenced its
content are (in alphabetical order):

[or something like that]

Then you don't need qualifications.


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2011/3/7 Patrik Fältström <patrik at>

> On 7 mar 2011, at 01.47, Mark Davis ☕ (sıʌɐp ʞɹɐɯ) wrote:
> > (For the future -- in no way meant to delay publication -- I think part
> of
> > the issue might be with the term 'contributor', which seems to imply a
> sense
> > of contributing text and/or ideas which made it into the document, and
> some
> > sense that the contributor approves of the results, at least overall.
> > Perhaps some looser phrasing might be better, like acknowledging
> feedback.)
> Thanks for being explicit.
> I have got it explained to me that a "contributor" does not really have to
> have any text verbatim in the document, and not agree with the content
> either. "contributor" is really individuals that have (as it says)
> contributed to the discussion around the document enough to influence the
> content of the document.
> And it is up to me as (main) editor in this case to simply write down the
> names I feel have contributed.
> The serious part have to do with IPR issues, and not listing someone that
> actually have participated might in very tragical cases lead to a royal mess
> afterwards.
> I.e. the acknowledgement section together with the mailing list archive are
> the records we have on who participated in the discussions, and the
> acknowledgement sections is to be a summary of the individuals that
> participated the most.
> Or something like that.
>   Patrik
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