Lower casing

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I completely agree.  We'd agreed (sort of) to disagree, however you brought up more details and I felt compelled to respond.  People should make well informed decisions with data from both points of view.

It is worth noting that, on the web, IDNA2008 needs mapping for lookup of user input.  UTS#46 seems to be the preferred mechanism, though there's some difference of opinion (obviously) about the transitional part.  So I'd encourage people to look at/use UTS#46 even if they skipped the transitional part of UTS#46.


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> Well, that's why there's UTR#46 :)  (Because IDNA2008 didn't
> allow for compatibility).
> Mark Davis, myself, and others tried to point out that
> importance of compatibility and mappings.  Note that, for web
> sites, the eszett, etc. is needed for display, not matching.
> People would like their display to be correct, however
> matching cannot change.
> Here's the problem (actually only one) with just turning on a
> switch and dropping the old behavior:


I think we have been through all of this before.   You believe
"matching cannot change", perhaps forever; others have
disagreed.  You believe that the issues are entirely about
display; others point out that, with mapping on the lookup side,
what to display becomes ambiguous (and various ideas of DNS
records to tell applications what to display got no traction,
only partially because they are not obvious technically given
DNS constraints).

Regardless of which perspective is correct and which is not,
they are clearly different.  Restarting, or repeating, the old
arguments is unlikely to help... presumably the marketplace,
plus or minus whether sundry national and regional threats to
ban software that doesn't differentiate the characters are
carried out, will ultimately decide the issue.


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