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On 23/02/2011, at 3:41 PM, Simon Josefsson wrote:

Possibly there is a typo on the IANA page [1], because [2] says the TLD
name is рф which starts with U+0440.  Visiting some russian web sites,
for example [3], suggests that use of the РФ variant is common.  The РФ
variant works fine in the web browser GNU IceCat (which uses IDNA2003).

The lower-case string (рф, U+0440 U+0444) is the one that is delegated. It has historically been IANA practice to refer to all TLDs in upper-case to avoid confusion, and our software was written to upper-case the strings with that in mind. However since then IDNs have been introduced and this behaviour presents undesired consequences with IDNs.

We are working on a complete revision to how the root zone database is presented that should be launched shortly, and the IDN strings will no longer be upper-cased, shown as both U-label and A-label, etc.etc.


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