Browser IDN display policy: opinions sought

J-F C. Morfin jfc at
Sun Dec 25 02:37:15 CET 2011

At 06:47 24/12/2011, Abdulrahman I. ALGhadir wrote:
>I guess you have missed something.
>The second link was broken I didn't copy it correctly and I think 
>that you haven't check it, have you?
>When you want to register an IDN you should define the script and 
>the language which your label will follow.
>(check 3.2)
>(check 1.3.1)
>As you see it is part from ICANN application process and it is a 
>must and I think this will help us in having a solid resource which 
>can provide us with needed information?

Dear Abdulrahman,

the only documents that should be considered by Gervase:

- MUST be RFCs (i.e. RFC 5890-5895) in particular RFC 5895 which 
gives him an example.
- SHOULD be IANA files.
- MAY be ICANN files as examples of what a money centric network 
community may want to do (NB culturally or people centric network 
community or coporate private networks might want to do differently).


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