Browser IDN display policy: opinions sought

J-F C. Morfin jfc at
Wed Dec 21 16:29:39 CET 2011

At 11:58 21/12/2011, Gervase Markham wrote:
>As I understand it, these sites are merely records of policy; no
>restrictions are imposed. So if .newtld decided to register with IANA to
>say "we accept every character", then the tables would duly record that
>fact, despite there being a big potential problem.
>So, unless I have missed something, such lists are of no help in this


please let stay within the RFC framework.

The DNS is built to accept every byte. IDNA2008 accept RFC 5892 UTF-8
characters. Internet DNS practice favors ASCII only. This is the
universal policy by default. Every zone manager may restrict its
registrations policy and universally publish it (TLDs) or not (other
zone managers). Your request is to know when a domain name entered by
a user conforms or not with this registration policy, so you may
practice your own policy to be defined.

1. there is as yet no protocol for TLD to disseminate that information
between them and application designers.

2. You may engage into a BoF to show that such a protocol is necessary
for the Internet to work better and propose an IETF WG Charter.

3. personnally I think that such a protocol belongs to the whole
digital ecosystem area and is to be discussed and possibly
standardised outside of the sole IETF. Its discussions calls for the
preliminary emergence of its requirement out of experimentation. Such
an Internet+ community experimentation has been engaged through the
files documented by Abdulrahman, ICANN work on variants, and works
engaged within the IUse community within the so called "IDNA2012"
framework (the so called IDNA2010 being the issues on the user side).


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