Browser IDN display policy: opinions sought

Tina Dam tinadam at
Tue Dec 13 16:49:47 CET 2011

Hi Patrik,

2011/12/12 Patrik Fältström <patrik at>:
> On 13 dec 2011, at 06:48, Tina Dam wrote:
>> I saw the doubt and no-faith as well, but I still did not see
>> suggestions that it belong elsewhere...I do not think ICANN has the
>> necessary staff ressources to it either, but that does not chnage the
>> fact that the job belongs there. As with other things ICANN can hire
>> or outsource the necessary resources.
> ICANN only police the TLD, no other levels in the domain name tree.

We agree there are certain areas that is none of ICANN's business. For
example they should not police the IDN Table content (other than
making sure it conforms to the required format, holds contact details
and things like that).

But ICANN should police that the tables are being posted in the IANA
Repository, thereby making sure we have one place where we can look up
what any TLD is doing (surely not the ccTLDs, but does count for gTLDs
and the Internationalized ccTLDs).

In the same manner ICANN should police the IDN Guidelines compliance
or adherence.

I think those two things will help tremendously, although I am not
claiming that this would means 'no more problems'.


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