Browser IDN display policy: opinions sought

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Dec 12 11:42:34 CET 2011

On 09/12/11 17:57, Paul Hoffman wrote:
>> On 09/12/11 16:46, Paul Hoffman wrote:
>>> Thank you for that explanation. So, "if your IDN domain works in
>>> one copy of Firefox, it works in them all", but that might change
>>> over time if a TLD changes its policies. But we know that many
>>> TLDs very much want to change their policies with respect to
>>> bundling.
>> Without disputing your assertion, I'd be very interested in more 
>> information if you have it. Why do TLDs not like bundling?
> Sorry, I was not clear: many TLDs was to start bundling. That is,
> many TLDs might be changing their policies, and that might change
> what users see in Firefox.

Well yes, in that it would perhaps make them eligible for inclusion,
which means more IDNs would work, which would be a good thing.

If TLDs wanted to _stop_ bundling, that would be a problem.

>>> No; yes. :-) I think that if type A were not justified, there
>>> would have been many complaints about it over the years; I
>>> haven't heard any.
>> And you think that take-up and real-world use of IDNs on the
>> consumer Internet has been broad enough that we would have heard
>> them?
> Absolutely yes. You might not see them browsing the web from the US,

...or the UK ;-)


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