mixing different direction labels within same domain

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At 10:44 10/08/2011, Abdulrahman I. ALGhadir wrote:
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>Dear JFC,
>Thank you for letting me in this I'll try to gather most of pointed 
>issues in IDNA and I'll try to send to you later hopefully!
>But have ever seen this proposed solution on improving the display of URI?
>This solution has been pended waiting for any feeds on it so that 
>they can publish it, and I think this solution will solve most of 
>confusing problems in the display, yet it'll give us defending 
>points on removing some limitations  in the IDNA (hopefully!).

Dear Abdulrahman,

Thank you for your annouced help. I am looking for your contribution 
to add to our wiki consolidation.

At this stage I am just trying to compile the post IDNA2008 problems 
people raise in various areas. And possibly the terminology which can 
be adequate to describe/address them among network operations and use 
oriented WGs and NGOs (ICANN, IETF, ITU, IUTF). This is for all these 
people to come with a simple, consistent, stable way to address them 
at protocol level and then be able to discuss with Unicode what they 
may need from them. In focusing first on the roots of the problems in 
his are, one may help others to identify a similar problem they were 
not aware until now.

Thank you for quoting pri185: from it I am going to try to extract 
the problems they raise; in the way it impacts us. However, I am not 
familiar with Bidi. So I would prefer specialists to summarize the 
difficulties they meet and Unicode discusses. So, ICANN and other 
people might understand better, decide if they also are impacted and 
how to handle a possible difficulty they would have identified this 
way in their own bailiwick.

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