referencing IDNA2008 (and IDNA2003?)

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2010/10/24 Mark Davis ☕ <mark at>

> I'm in agreement about the usefulness of storing the punycode form. As to
> what you would like to see, Patrik, I'm in agreement there as well; that the
> goal is IDNA2008. And I think we'll get there eventually, when the major
> registries disallow the registrations of non-IDNA2008 names.

Dear Mark,

whatever the policy of the "registries", their transitions, their interest
in Unicode, their commercial, cultural or political strategies, etc.  they
only use A-labels as far as the Internet and the Internet DNS are concerned
(them having "xn--" headers or not - remember that until IDNA2003 every
cooky was A-label only). These A-label having been initially registered as
IDNA2003, IDNA2008 or xn-ascii does not make any difference. Cookies are not
interested in the origin of the domain name, but in the value of the domain
names. Every IDN has one and only one lowercase A-label value. And this
value is here to stay.

Considering anything else for cookies, is to reintroduce the confusion that
IDNA2008 clarified.
Remember the sensible ".su" position: they will not register U-labels, but
only A-label whatever the reverse punycodability.

The problem for implementers is not there. The problem is to obtain a local
user authoritative A-label, something the AD was told not to ask but IAB
will have to document.

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