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2010/10/22 J-F C. Morfin <jfc at>

> IMHO in the cookie case, there are three types of cookies:
> - those documented as part of the Internet technology, subject to standard
> track document, that can only document their use within the Internet Iron
> Curtain (i.e. lowercase A-labels)
> - those being used by IUI level applications that are to be documented by
> the Internet Users community that can be documented through BCP or for
> information like RFC 5895.
> - those being used by the users applications that are documented by their
> developers.
> The IU community has many needs and solutions that can be supported in
> respecting the now existing and confirmed Iron Curtain separation. Let try
> to not erode it and create instability.

I just wish to add, for Peter to best understand, that "U-labels" as
conceived by the IUCommunity  may be transformed into lowercase A-label with
many different "presentation prefixes" (other than "xn--") and from many non
U-labels origins (like user gesture, computed result, audio input,
sentences, Netix commands, etc.) that may only be occasionnally used on the
Internet. The ML-DNS implies a domain name stack (different classes) that
may be used as their class IN lowercase A-Label occurence.

In the future we will strive to document a UN class that will support a non
homographically confused NUCS (network universal character set) UCS subset
for ML-DNS unique registrations (avoiding confusion like .br and .6r) on a
first come first served basis.

Last but no least we plan to fully use not only the identification
(centralized management), but also designation (individual management) and
communication (mutual management) capacities. Therefore, only the Internet
DNS (i.e. lowercase A-Label IN and further UN classes as accepted by the
Internet community (presently the IEISOCANN enhanced cooperation IANA root
file)) is considered as being in the IETF standard track area.

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