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JFC Morfin wrote:The true point is that there are many more signs,ans sometimes Unicode or someone else (why not youan me) will start registering commercial logos signs(this should be defused before it mares the interneteconomy.-----------Oh, I quite agree. I do not know what visual elementscurrently exist in the Unicode repertoire, but I thinkwe can be in agreement on the idea that making use ofa commercial logo, in a domain name, is something thatshould not occur under any circumstance.The "€" and "£" characters, however, are not commerciallogos. Nor are they frivolous "dingbat" characters, controlkey characters, or anything of the kind. They are importantelements of the English language, as it is commonly used ona daily basis in Britain and Europe, and they are part ofthe very fabric of society.Indeed, there are few conversations in those regions (of afinancial nature, particularly) that could be properly understoodwithout those characters.Andrew Sullivan wrote:So the DNS standard says, "If you want things to workwell, you should use those hostname rules." Those rulesare the so-called LDH rules. And "$.com" doesn't meetthe test.----------I'm not clear on the point you're making here. What doesthis have to do with €.com and £.com, which are alreadyin existence on the Internet and have valid websites onthose domain names that are, and have been, workingwithout issue (to site users and the wider Internet) for thelast nine years?I would be very grateful, however, for a website link tothe "rationale" document, you refer to, which I understandwill be able to answer this question for me. Jean-Michel wrote:At a time, the Chair suggested that this WG could transfer as an ICANN WG to discuss the user side. I then started theIUCG workon at to that end because ICANN doesnot really represent us.----------I think that ICANN strives to represent most people. In thecase of £.com and €.com, it is not doing that. I will admit,however, that this may be a sensitive issue for them. Afterall, there are some very powerful bodies in the world who donot want the £/€ debate to occur (and they know it could only,popularly, occur via £.com on the Internet).Do feel free to contact me, privately, via email Jean-Michel.I am interested to know more about what you are doing, andmay be able to help in some way.Regards,John Daw
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