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Jefsey !

He understood it !!!
Thank you Pete !


2010/3/26 Andrew Sullivan <ajs at>

> IDNA of any kind inserts a layer above the DNS but possibly below the
> application interface that converts one kind of input (U-labels) into
> another kind for the DNS (A-labels), and conversely.  Now, it might be
> true that changes in IDNA, or from binary DNS labels to A-labels,
> require changes to that software in ways that are inconvenient.
> Moreover, as Pete Resnick said to me this week, part of what IDNA2008
> did was move some things from one side of an interface (mappings in
> the IDNA protocol) to another side.  But that wasn't an accident: it's
> a backward-incompatible change because we'd concluded that the old
> approach was harmful.
> Yes, it's very inconvenient for our purposes that the DNS has the
> protocol, history, and operational practice that it does.  But if the
> goal is actually to solve user problems, then this pain is in fact
> smaller than "reformat the Internet".
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