IDNABIS Working Group completes its work

Dean Anderson dean at
Mon Mar 22 17:20:40 CET 2010

On Fri, 19 Mar 2010, Paul Hoffman wrote:

> According the the appeal itself, the -mappings document is not part of
> the appeal.

Was the -mappings document the only work of the working group?

> >The work on IDNA isn't done.
> Anyone with credibility in the field can propose that the IETF do more
> work, either as individual submissions or as a new WG with a charter.

And just what does "credibility in the field" mean to you?

Andrew Sullivan, Chair of DNSEXT WG, has no substantive DNS experience,
no programming or network experience. Sullivan has a masters in
philosophy and has worked only for a short while as a database
administrator for Affilias.  Although Affilias is a DNS operator,
database administrator is not even a DNS operations role. Now Sullivan
works for Steve Crocker as an "Internet Scientist", without any
scientific or engineering background whatsoever.

Chris Morrow, Chair of the GROW WG, has work experience for
UUnet/Worldcom as customer security worker. Morrow once attacked AV8
Internet by using a UUnet/Worldcom BGP test AS number to advertise AV8
Internet addresses (Morrow's unauthorized attack came after lawyers were
involved in a dispute --- a Worldcom Lawyer suddenly resigned from
Worldcom as a result).  The dispute arose after SORBS (associated with
Paul Vixie), falsely claimed AV8 space hijacked. Morrow then tried to
get some UUnet space assigned to AV8 back and contacted me. I told him
the space was transferred away from UUnet in 1993 and lawyers were
engaged.  It was discovered that recovery of IP space wasn't Morrow's
job at UUnet, that one block belonging to UUnet wasn't due to be
returned for 6 months, and that that block belonging to AV8 really was
transferred and that Morrow had the transfer document.  Despite this,
and without authorization from UUnet or the UUnet attorney handling the
matter, Morrow advertised the blocks belonging to AV8 Internet.  I
called the lawyer (Craig Silliman), and complained to him about the
impropriety of the use of force and prima facie violation of federal
statutes. The UUnet lawyer (Craig Silliman) abruptly resigned from

Morrow has some training with BGP, but has no "Global Routing" standards
experience, but he followed Vint Cerf to Google.  Morrow did not
participate in the GROW working group, nor any other working group or
standards body prior to taking over as Chair. Since taking over the GROW
working group in June 2007, Morrow has sent only 23 messaages to the
working group. Morrow has barely participated in the working group since
taking over.
However, Morrow is a frequent participant in the NANOG group, which is a
small faction of Vixie/Cerf supporters.  Analysis of NANOG
participations show not quite 10% of North American ISPs participate,
and many NANOG members (many more cases than any other group) have been
involved in inappropriate behavior leading to termination from their ISP
employment.  A number of these people seem to be appearing at IETF.  
Morrow is one.

The GROW Working Group published a controversial document by Joe Abley,
in which Abley claims that Per-packet-load-balancing is pathological and
implies that stateful TCP anycast is stable.  Geoff Huston resigned from
Chair after the document was published, through process that Sam Hartman
described as "hardball", in which credible objections were silenced and
ignored.  Subsequent testing has revealed that stateful anycasting is
unstable even without Per-packet-load-balancing, further discrediting
the IETF document and the "hardball" used to approve the document.

There are a number of other cases where the Chairs and IETF officials
seem to have personal, rather than professional, credentials. An
incomplete list is found at These cases
show that IETF has a proven track record of cronyism and getting the
facts wrong.  But in each case, the "wrong facts" financially benefit a
certain identifiable group associated with Vint Cerf, Rick Adams, and
Paul Vixie.

So I ask again, just what does "credibility in the field" mean to you?


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