IDNABIS Working Group completes its work

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Fri Mar 19 20:13:52 CET 2010

It seems rather premature to wind down IDNABIS when the work product
has, well, stumped the DNSEXT Chairs---who seeking help on IETF main
list because they can't figure out how to proceed---and is subject to a
145 page appeal.  If the DNSEXT Chairs don't get it, who can?

The work on IDNA isn't done.  While we saw a similar half-effort in
DNSSEC (and it appears IPV6 is in the same category), I think the DNSSEC
experience demonstrated that serious problems have to be solved rather
than ignored.


On Mon, 15 Mar 2010, Vint Cerf wrote:

> Ladies and Gentlemen of the IDNABIS Working Group, as you see from this
> notice, the last working group document that was not yet forwarded by the AD
> has been declared "dead" after it proved impossible to find a version that
> could be forwarded to the IESG that satisfied the preferences of the
> editors, the chair of IDNABIS and the Area Director. It is expected that the
> editors of the "mapping" document will offer a version of it as an
> informational, non-WG contribution.
> All other documents from the working group have been forwarded to the RFC
> editor for final processing.
> I believe this concludes the business of the IDNABIS Working Group and, as
> chair, I declare that the Working Group has completed its work and can now
> be retired from the active list.
> I thank the editors, the Area Director, and especially the participants in
> the IDNABIS working group for their time and thoughtful contributions to the
> work over the past two years.
> Vint Cerf
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