JFC has introduced his IAB appeal

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Mon Jun 7 12:22:31 CEST 2010

Dear all,

the text of the appeal to the IAB can now be found on the IDNA2010 page (
Direct access :  http://iucg.org/wiki/100606_-_JFCM_Appeal_to_the_IAB

This publication being the last possible general action to get the Internet
community alerted about the IDNA2008 Internet architectural paradigmatic
change and the missing work and information on the way to support IDNA2008.
The work to be achieved is now identified at the IUCG as four different and
independant tasks:

* IDNA2010: general integration of IDNA2008 on the userside from an Internet
User point of view
* IDNA2012: joint adminance of IDNA2008 and IDN2010
* Interplus: encapsulation of the Internet in a smart Internet Use Interface
* Interbox: JEDI's ("jefsey's disciples") project of prototype Interplus
support for the Intertest (the Internet as its own test-bed).

As a result:

1. the workon at idna2010.org is not moderated anymore.
2. the http://idna2010.org page is now the portal of the IDNA2010 section in
the http://iucg.org/wiki page.
3. the http://idna2012.org page has been created and is dormant

The other actions will be documented on the workon at idna2010.org mailing list
and on iucg at ietf.org.

Best regards.

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