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Mon Jan 25 23:31:52 CET 2010

I will support the appeal.  It wouldn't be the first time that silence
has endangered the stability of the internet. Given that I have recently
been validated on DNSSEC cache-poisoning[*], I think it may be time to
write another letter to the NTIA on this matter.  Please contact me
offlist to contribute to the letter.

Regarding the ban of JFC Morfin and others, I find it hypocritical that
Google opposes censorship of Chinese political dissidents, but that the
IETF and Google VP Vint Cerf support the censoring internet 'dissidents'
including JFC Morfin, Todd Glassey, Dr. Dan Bernstein, myself and others
who have been threatened but not blocked. Particularly since we've been
validated or vindicated on nearly every criticism.  There is a fallacy
circulated that no agrees with the dissidents. But like the Chinese, the
IETF doesn't censor the people that no one agrees with. One censors the
people that will get agreement. And it has unfairly and improperly
censored and threatened people on the IDNA matter.

Of course the truth eventually comes out, but in the meantime certain
people benefit unfairly; they make money they aren't entitled to make.  
I think they should be forced to disgorge those profits. As I wrote in
my last NTIA letter on the DNSSEC matter, these unsavory affairs
discredit the IETF, ISOC and other internet governance organizations and
the people who lead them.  Similarly, ICANN, IETF, and registrars should
not be allowed to move ahead until the clarity, credibility and
integrity of these proposals are established.


[*] See DNSSEC cache poisoning links contained in
The IETF has known of these problems for a long time, and silenced me to 
keep these problems quiet.

On Wed, 20 Jan 2010, jefsey wrote:

> Dear all,
> Further to the IESG announcement of their approval of the IDNA2008 
> documents, I intend to appeal that decision. I will most probably be 
> supported by others in so doing. This appeal will be a special appeal 
> and will be carefully documented. The intent here is not to oppose 
> the documents, which are in fact excellent and represent a major and 
> positive step ahead for the Internet, but rather to oppose their 
> publication without further work being carried out beforehand. To use 
> IDNA2008, which is the Internet protocol for supporting IDNs, without 
> the proper IDNA2010 work firstly being completed regarding its 
> support on the user side, may create undesired confusion, high 
> security risks and, therefore, an inappropriate and undesirable image of IDNA.
> This is particularly the case of the ICANN Fast Track project 
> (limited to a discriminated set of IDNccTLDs) and of the rather 
> similar ATLARGE My Track project (open to every IDNg/ccTLD project). 
> As one of the initiators of the My Track project, I will do my best 
> to delay it until things have been clarified. None of the multiple 
> contact attempts with the ICANN BoD Members, IDNs related staff, and 
> key persons in their IDN area has resulted in response. By their 
> silence they are endangering the stability of the Internet. They must 
> be officially warned by the IAB, elucidated by the IESG, and assisted 
> by documents from the IETF and IUCG.
> Here is my projected calendar:
> 1. to document the problem from the document that I sent to the IESG 
> as the Chair of Project.FRA. It explained explaining what actions the 
> ICANN's political precipitation obliges on us.
> 2. to document how this kind of major problem (a complete change in 
> the understanding of the Internet and domain name system 
> architectures is involved) could be addressed.
> 3. to appeal the decision before March 7, and to propose the most 
> limited number of necessary changes in order to make it understood 
> that this publication is excellent but that it MUST be considered as 
> premature to use it.
> I do not want this appeal to be considered as community dissent. 
> Therefore, I will not discuss it on the workon at mailing 
> list. I will be attentive, however, as to what may be discussed on 
> this list, which is destined to work on an IDNA2010 BCP as to the 
> different ways to implement and deploy IDNA2008 as a user, an ISP, a 
> zone manager, etc.).
> I hereby note that prior to the publishing of this intent of appeal, 
> I have fully respected the appeal procedure: I let the WG/IDNABIS 
> members know (I am banned from that WG) and I dialoged with, or 
> reported to, the WG/IDNABIS Chair, the Application Area AD in charge, 
> and the IETF Chair. This appeal is personal and does not involve any 
> of my other IETF related duties and obligations.
> Best regards
> JFC Morfin
> Internet User.
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