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Hi! Happy new year to everyone on the mailing lists.


May be you will like to know that "which part of 'unique' are you having
trouble understanding?" is well known issue that is considered as the most
complex matter in Pilosophy. It was the core issue studied by Plato in his
late years (you know the fellow of the pradigm "there are the dead, the man,
and the 'kubernetes' (pilot)" the word "cybernetics" comes from, through
Ampere and Wiener.

The most difficult part of 'unique' that this WG had not to address, but the
AD is now questioning about, and ICANN could wish to forget is: "the other".
How do you know something is unique if you did not look for others. Who are
those others. Don't your consideration of them kill the first uniqueness. Is
uniqueness not the definition of God? Who is to decide when two
'uniquenesses' disagree like Firefox and IE and Chrome and Opera resolving
the same IDN with different IPs on the same machine.

Marie-France Berny

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> Nicolas Krebs wrote:
> >Marie-France Berny wrote:
> >
> > > Transition is also towards a new namespace where ICANN will not be the
> > only
> > > global core reference.
> >
> > What are you talking about?
> I guess that Marie-France Berny was talking about
> "which part of 'unique' are you having trouble understanding?"
> quoted in years ago)
> and in years ago).
> Hope this help.
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> Nicolas Krebs
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