Protocol Action: 'Right-to-left scripts for IDNA' to Proposed Standard

Shawn Steele Shawn.Steele at
Mon Feb 15 18:45:49 CET 2010

> please keep in mind that presentation and network order are, as you
> know, not always aligned and that the protocols have to fix network
> order absolutely for anything (including certificates) to work.

Yes, presentation and network order are different things.  I have no concerns about the network order in the bidi doc.

Re: IRI detection isn't perfect:  That's certainly true :), and not all presentation layers even try.

FWIW, IRIs aren't the only "things" that are problematic for Arabic users.  Most Arabic users often encounter discrepencies with other data as well, otherwise the RTL/LTR overrides wouldn't be necessary :)


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