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2009/9/24 Dominique Lacroix <domi.lacroix at>

> "Your colleagues": I presume you speak about some other contributors of
> this list.

Dear Mr. Lacroix,

I presume he means those who like us do not have American English as a
mother tongue.Those who might prefer that tongue to be technically respected
so they can use it the same as he does with his own tongue. Those who might
prefer not to be mechanically discriminated on their language, culture,
origin, etc.

You should also consider that Andrew and technology know that a domain name
is only an alphanumeric pointer to an address. It can have a
"steganographic" payload under the form of a mnemonic, or a code, etc. as
explained yesterday. Whatever the kind of payload its number of possible
occurences is larger and the possibly related encryption is more secure when
you can use 64 signs than when you can only use 38 of them. This is why
passwords are case sensitive.

The only problem is that obviously users will implement case-sensitiveness
and that he will have to live with two standards: the old one and the then
current one.

Patrick Suger
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