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Nicolas Krebs nicolas1.krebs3 at
Fri Sep 18 00:04:51 CEST 2009

jean-michel bernier de portzamparc wote 

>If I take the
>protocol and table document and just change these two points and call it
>IDNAPLUS, explaining how these two points can be blocked in order to only be
>IDNA conformant, I can publish them as IDNAPLUS RFC?

Except copyright, trademark, patent issues, you can publish anything you want.

For copyright issues, if you "just change [...] two points", the easiest way is to 
wrote that your specification do not differ from IETF RFC XXXX except for the 
sentence xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx replaced by yyyyyyyyyyyyy.
For trademark issues, see relevant RFC (I guess you should not use "IETF" or 
"RFC" in your specification's title)
For patent issues, see relevant RFC.

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