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Harald Alvestrand harald at
Thu Sep 17 15:49:46 CEST 2009

jean-michel bernier de portzamparc wrote:
> 2009/9/17 Harald Alvestrand <harald at 
> <mailto:harald at>>
>     If you want to build your own intranet, and call it "IDNAPLUS",
>     you are free to use PRIVATE USE codes in whatever way you like.
>     That's why they are called PRIVATE USE.
>     There's no reason to expect that the Internet will change to
>     accomodate interoperation with that intranet. That's the problem
>     of the "IDNAPLUS" intranet.
> This is why I say that the only two differences are PRIVATE USE ONE 
> and TWO being allowed (like in IDNA2003) and U-Label being permitted 
> to carry uppercases like in IDNA2003.
>     Not my problem.
> Then your position is not my problem either. I mean we identified that 
> there is no conflict between us, just that we are othogonal. If I take 
> the protocol and table document and just change these two points and 
> call it IDNAPLUS, explaining how these two points can be blocked in 
> order to only be IDNA conformant, I can publish them as IDNAPLUS RFC? 
> This then should not be a problem for you?
Not a problem at all. What you do in your local intranet is entirely 
your business.

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