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On 22 aug 2009, at 04.52, Paul Hoffman wrote:

> Section 2.2 uses NFKC, but the protocol itself uses NFC. I think it  
> is useful to make a note to this effect in Section 2.2.


> Editorial:
> . . .
>   This document specifies rules for deciding whether a code point,
>   considered in isolation, is a candidate for inclusion in an
> s/isolation,/isolation or in context,/
>   Internationalized Domain Name.


> . . .
>   This document reviews and classifies the collections of code points
>   in the Unicode character set by examining various properties of the
>   code points.  It then defines an algorithm for determining a derived
>   property value.  It specifies a procedure and not a table of code
> procedure, and not a table, of code
>   points so that the algorithm can be used to determine code point  
> sets
>   independent of the version of Unicode that is in use.


> . . .
>   The mechanisms described here allow determination of the value of  
> the
>   property for future versions of Unicode (including characters added
>   after Unicode 5.1).  This is suitable for any newer versions of
>   Unicode as well.  Changes in Unicode properties that do not affect
> remove "This well" because it is redundant with the sentence  
> before.


>   the outcome of this process do not affect IDN.  For example, a
>   character can have its Unicode General_Category value change from So
>   to Sm, or from Lo to Ll, without affecting the table results.
> s/table/algorithm/


>   Moreover, even if such changes were to result, the  
> BackwardCompatible
>   list (Section 2.7) can be adjusted to ensure the stability of the
>   results.
> . . .
>   The security issues associated with this work are discussed in
>   [IDNA2008-rationale] and [IDNA2008-protocol].
> remove [IDNA2008-rationale], which now has only a stub for security  
> considerations


> . . .
>   Overview:
>      A description of the goal with the rule, in plain english.
> s/english/English/



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