Document status (was: Re: Fwd: ICANN News Alert -- Status Update: IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process Implementation)

John C Klensin klensin at
Thu Sep 10 18:31:35 CEST 2009

--On Wednesday, September 09, 2009 22:07 -0400 Vint Cerf
<vint at> wrote:

> ICANN is moving ahead. I would like to submit final I-D's to
> IESG in the next few days if possible.
> Editors:
> what is the status of each of your documents in terms of
> absorbing inputs from last call?

I'm trying to do that review now and hope to have a more
definitive list (and probably submission-ready drafts of most of
the docs) late today.  Specifics...

Protocol: I'm studying Martin's comments about Section 4.1 of
Protocol and attempting a rewrite.  Other than that, I believe
that there are no outstanding issues vis-a-vis Protocol-15 that
need resolution.  I'd appreciate it is you would check that
against your notes.

Definitions: I think I've got all recent comments (except those
that were dismissed or rejected) incorporated, but am making a
pass to check.

Rationale: I have no requests for changes outstanding in my
list/queue.  There are several changes in the working version of
-12 relative to the posted -11.  While I fear that the lack of
comments is more because "no one has looked closely lately", I
will get -12 posted later this afternoon.

> What issues do you need me, as chair, to provide guidance for,
> if any?

The biggest problem right now is that issues continue to come
up, including (or even "mostly") with very old text.  The
decision as to when we have passed the point of diminishing
returns is up to you.


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