Bidi - BN - clarifying suggestion

John C Klensin klensin at
Mon Sep 7 18:07:46 CEST 2009


I've just taken a careful look at the bidi doc wrt the BN issue 
and suggest that one of the two suggestions that follow might 
help to clarify things without changing anything of importance.

Either (rewrites at the discretion of the editors, obviously)...

    (1) Add an additional sentence to the end of bullet (2) of
    Section 2:

    Note that many of these characters, especially most of those
    in BN, are DISALLOWED by [Tables].


    (2) Add the following to the end of the introductory
    paragraph of Section 2:

    Passing the BIDI test is not sufficient for a label
    containing applicable characters to be valid because many of
    the labels that would pass this test would still be invalid
    because they contain characters that are DISALLOWED
    [Tables], or that must satisfy context-dependent rules that
    are not met [Protocol].

Now, I am convinced that the above clarifications don't change 
anything -- the relevant rules are enforced by Protocol whether 
Bidi is invoked or not.  But, if the inclusion of, e.g., BN, in 
the Bidi-valid list has confused some of us, it is much more 
likely to confuse others.


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