John C Klensin klensin at
Wed Sep 2 00:20:33 CEST 2009


Per my response to Vint's message, Protocol-15 is now in the
posting queue.

This version incorporates the correction that he recommended to
do with upper case in A-labels, a correction to the hyphen test
that the last version missed, removal of Mark Davis's name from
the Acknowledgments (at his request and with the approval of
Counsel of the IETF Trust), and a number of small editorial

I consider it an interim version to permit people to review
those changes.

It does not incorporate the Bidi changes which I still believe
are under discussion, any further discussion on the case problem
that occurred after Vint sent his note (I haven't even read
those messages yet), or the section number patches.  Those will
follow, in another version, as soon as the bidi discussion is
resolved and I have time.

It also does not incorporate Martin's suggested rewrites -- see
the separate note on that subject.

If I've left anything else out, reminding me would be a good


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