High-level comment on TR46

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Tue Oct 27 17:49:57 CET 2009

2009/10/27 Shawn Steele <Shawn.Steele at microsoft.com>

> I'd rather not have what I need to do for mappings split in 2 different
> places.  I also cannot impliment IDNA2008 until the standards are in place.
> It seems that doing the 2nd step as an RFC would take quite some time
> considering that the problems with special cases were already raised in this
> forum in the last year and have not been addressed.

Dear Users and Colleagues,

IDNA2008 will certainly call for a second (more ?) user oriented step. I
therefore have started an IUCG special interest group page (
http://idna2010.org). It will only be activated once we have the final text
approved by the IESG. In the meanwhile, I started listing the different
topics that could have to be discussed towards an IDNA2010 final
usage/operative tuning and/or Best Practices.

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