Review of draft-ietf-idnabis-defs

Bernard Aboba bernard_aboba at
Mon Oct 26 15:06:22 CET 2009

> Uh, yes.  If dynamic update is configured to require that an
> RRSET (from the viewpoint of IDNA, a label) is already present,
> then one has a lookup situation.  If it is configured for the
> "RRSET does not exist" or "Name not in use" cases, then one has
> a registration situation.  That said, my personal recommendation
> would be to use the more conservative Registration rules any
> time one is going to start modifying DNS zones rather than
> simply looking something up.  But the WG has not discussed this
> topic.  If people are convinced that something must be said on
> the subject, we will need to have that discussion.

I do think that something needs to be said about this, since
the issue has come up in implementation. For example, based on
the distinction above, a client handling a dynamic update on
its own using TKEY would implement the lookup protocol,
whereas a DHCP server handling a dynamic update on behalf of
the client might implement the registration protocol.
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