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In earlier discussions on U+06D4 (ARABIC FULL STOP), which is necessary for
Urdu as a label separator (the reasons have been given on this list
earlier), it was suggested that the various full stops will not be allowed
and be mapped.  It was subsequently requested to include the mapping
reference in IDNA200x documents to ensure that the application providers
incorporate it, but the request was not considered positively as it was
perhaps suggested that such recommendations can not be made part of the
protocol.  However, the recent mapping document
( says on pg. 2:


  4.  [I-D.ietf-idnabis-protocol
bis-protocol> ] is specified such that the protocol
       acts on the indvidual labels of the domain name.  If an
       implementation of this mapping is also performing the step of
       separation of the parts of a domain name into labels by using the
       FULL STOP character (U+002E), the following character can be
       mapped to the FULL STOP before label separation occurs:
       *  IDEOGRAPHIC FULL STOP (U+3002)
       There are other characters that are used as "full stops" that one
       could consider mapping as label separators, but their use as such
       has not been investigated thoroughly.


If this is being explicitly done for U+3002, it could be done explicitly for
ARABIC FULL STOP (U+06D4) as well. What is the reason for not including
other such possible cases explicitly?



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