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> > I would though be more "on your side" if the number of domain
> > names that contained ß where say 100 times higher than today
> > in published documents. Because then people would be TOLD to
> > type in something (ß) that mapped to something else (ss) that
> > was registered. That, I claim, is not the case. At least not
> > "heavily".
> I understand that. And i'm saying that the potential of around 500
> useful "ß" registrations (based on looking through our inventory of 900k
> domains) is by far not worth the effort.

In several talks with people from the Austrian registry I've now heard this
argument. But I think this decision should not be made depending on
commercial factors. IDNA is in my eyes not a question of return on
investment but about the native use of language in domain names around the
globe. Once more, the Austrian registry can still refuse to have sharp s
registered within their namespace, but maybe other registries pay more
attention to the language aspect than to commercial calculations.

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