Consensus Call on Latin Sharp S and Greek Final Sigma

Peter Dambier peter at
Mon Nov 30 14:25:12 CET 2009

Alexander Mayrhofer wrote:
> Micheal Everson wrote:
>> German grammar is one thing. The use of the character in personal  
>> names is another.
> Oh, wonderful. I'm already looking forward to cases where Mr. Fassbinder sues Mr. Faßbinder for the "ß"-domain, and in turn Mr. Faßbinder sues us because in a good percentage of his emails end up in Mr. Fassbinders mailbox, thanks to the flourishing variants of application mappings. 
> What a lovely way to keep registry operators busy.

I have tried it.

Managing both a nameserver and a mailer for a small group of people
I tried a name like "joerg at pirates"
I ended up in the mailer with accounts for "jrg", "jorg", "joerg".
Exim4 would not see the umlaut.
For the birds. My clients windows machine would not take the umlauts either.

Friends have given up umlaut domains because few people could use them.

So I don't fear the guys with the long grey hairs yet.

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