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> I think that labels are like a list.  If I have a list (a, b, c, d), then I
> expect the list to be in order a, b, c, d.  In an RTL context I would
> reasonably expect the list to be rendered (d, c, b, a).  If the individual
> values happen to be in different scripts, that's not going to change the
> fact that I expect the list to have each element progress in an orderly
> fashion from least significant to most significant.

This is actually not obvious, for example for numbers, the order is left to
right and arabic readers don't have any problem with that.

In my opinion, enforcing LTR on IRIs is a better solution than //:http. An
it seems that relevant specs (RFC3987 and w3c IRI bidi examples) are on my

I raised that issue a while back on IDN wiki. You can see the discussion and
the relevant specs here :

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