consensus Call: TATWEEL

Raed Al-Fayez rfayez at
Tue Mar 24 06:47:38 CET 2009

Dear All,

As a native Arabic speaker I strongly vote for

	YES (ie make it DISALLOWED)

for the following reasons:

1- It is so similar to the hyphen (see file: TATWEEL-1.jpg):
	أـء     vs    أ-ء

2- It will add more help domain fishing and user confusion (see file: TATWEEL-2.jpg):
	مثال    vs    مثـال   vs    مـثـال  

3- It is not a letter or a digit (conflict with LDH concept) 

4- do we really want to see these type of labels as domains (see file: TATWEEL-4.jpg):
	ـــــ    vs   ـ  vs ـــــــــــــــ  vs ـ-ـ-ـ-ـ-ـ   (the last one is composed of TATWEEL + Hyphen)

5- If someone feels that all registries are capable of fixing problems in all the languages than why not enabling all code points and simplify the IDNA protocol!!!!!!
	I believe that we need to simplify the registry operations by keeping them focused on the core functions and not adding extra work/load on the script problems/issues 

Thanks ..

With best regards,
Raed I. Al-Fayez
Senior Information System Specialist
Saudi Network Information Center (SaudiNIC) 
Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC)
Tel: + 966-1-2639235   - Fax: + 966-1-2639393

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Subject: consensus Call: TATWEEL

Based on the on-line exchanges, it appears to me that the general  
consensus is to ban TATWEEL by exception (ie. make it DISALLOWED).

Please respond with:

YES (ie make it DISALLOWED)

NO (ie leave it PVALID)

OTHER: <explain what you propose>

I will tally the responses arriving by April 4, midnight, EDT.

Vint Cerf
1818 Library Street, Suite 400
Reston, VA 20190
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