Shawn Steele (???) Shawn.Steele at
Thu Mar 19 21:51:18 CET 2009

Mark said:
> Here is an example of  working currently: http://Mark'
> (Firefox isn't able to show this correctly, but Safari, Chrome, and IE all
> do.)

How humorous.  :)  Unfortunately I don't have any of the ID thingy's necessary to comment on your blog :(

> The apostrophes are disabled in IDNA2008 by:
>   -

And that's the crux of my backwards compatibility problem.  Should IDNA2008 continue to disallow these, Mark's going to enter a bug on Safari, Chrome & IE (ironically ;) that they all broke his blog.  This working group won't (directly) hear the customer pain when a working blog "suddenly" stops working.  And a transitional period of phasing out won't work either because when little pieces of the web start breaking people will

I'm not saying that *nothing* can change, but changing mappings of existing IDNA 2003 code points needs really, really good reasoning.  (Fixing Greek would probably count).

> First off, I'm hopeful that at least one of the directions that Erik is
> exploring will work out. If we can give browser, etc, a way to show the
> preferred representation...

I agree that this is worth pursuing.

Eric said:
> So I believe IDNAbis must return to a model similar to IDNA2003's, where mapping is a MUST.

I definitely concur.  There's no reasonable way for a client (or server) to process all the variations that might develop from different registrars or countries or whatever.  There's also no way to ensure interoperability between countries/regions without consistent mappings.


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