Reasons for disallowing Arabic script digit mixing at the protocollevel

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Hi Martin,
Thanks for both points.  I'll check back in with the authors and write back, 
or have them write in directly.  From my recollection of the discussions, 
the authors were only looking for "disallow script mixing" as far as digits 
were concerned, but I will get a confirmation.

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> Hello Ram,
> Two observations on the document(s):
> - The document mentions potential combinatorial explosion with
>  a bundling approach. I think this could be easily addressed
>  by a registry-specific prohibition of Arabic script digit mixing
>  together with bundling between the remaining three variants.
> - Mapping and so on are not mentioned at all. I'm fine with that,
>  but it would be good to confirm that, according to the authors
>  of the documents, the proposed "disallow script mixing" is all
>  that they expect from IDNA2008 for this issue.
> Regards,   Martin.
> At 21:25 09/03/10, Ram Mohan wrote:
>>As I wrote yesterday, attached to this note is output from the ASIWG 
>>(Arabic Script IDN Working Group)'s drafting team on Arabic script digit 
>>mixing.  The discussion centers on a "no digit mixing" philosophy to be 
>>implemented at the protocol level.
>>Inside the ASIWG, earlier discussions centered around whether disallowing 
>>digit mixing ought to be done at the protocol or the application level, 
>>considering the risk and potential for harm.  A final consensus is being 
>>worked on.
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