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Wed Mar 11 15:38:55 CET 2009

Michael, what matters are *wording* of a particular policy. What it says:

"*All code points in a single label will be taken from the same script as
determined by the Unicode Standard Annex #24: Script Names <>*. Exceptions to this guideline are
permissible for languages with established orthographies and conventions
that require the commingled use of multiple scripts."

UAX #24 categorizes 0-9 as Common script, and always has, no matter what you
"consider". That means that they have a different script than a-z, which are
Latin script. If the text is to allow Common and Inherited mixed with other
scripts, then the appropriate wording changes need to be made, which is what
the UTC was suggesting.


On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 14:55, Michael Everson <everson at> wrote:

> On 10 Mar 2009, at 18:55, Mark Davis wrote:
> > If you forbid mixing Common with Cyrillic, for example, then you
> > can't have Cyrillic labels with digits.
> I don't consider "Common" to be a script in a meaningful sense.
> In other words, you know what I was talking about.
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