[Idna-arabicscript] Reasons for disallowing Arabic script digit mixing at the protocol level

Alireza Saleh alireza at irnic.ir
Tue Mar 10 23:23:56 CET 2009

Dear Ram,

I am really shocked about the text you've sent to IETF as 'ASIWG consensus'.
Let me explain:
1. How was such consensus reached?! As far as I know, in the last two
ASIWG meetings no representative of non-Arab language communities using
the so-called Arabic script were present. In Cairo, Egypt did not issue us
visas, and no ASIWG meeting was scheduled for Mexico, you just gathered
whoever you could(all of them Arabic language speakers).

2. We received a text from you this morning our time and before we could
react, you send it to IETF as consensus.

3. Let me point out for those who do not know, that Arabic-language
speakers represent less than half of the population that uses Arabic
script as native script.

4. We have had hot discussions on ASIWG list about numerals without
reaching consensus.

5. The text you have sent lacks technical merit; the discussions in the
IDNA list are well above this in technical detail and sophistication.
There is nothing in the text that dictates a technical decision at the
protocol level. All concerns expressed can be easily handled at the
registry level.

For the reference of the latest discussion about mixing digits please look at idna-arabicscript mailing list archive for November of 2008


Ram Mohan wrote:
> As I wrote yesterday, attached to this note is output from the ASIWG 
> (Arabic Script IDN Working Group)'s drafting team on Arabic script 
> digit mixing.  The discussion centers on a "no digit mixing" 
> philosophy to be implemented at the protocol level.
> Inside the ASIWG, earlier discussions centered around whether 
> disallowing digit mixing ought to be done at the protocol or the 
> application level, considering the risk and potential for harm.  A 
> final consensus is being worked on.
> -ram
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