Mapping and Variants

John C Klensin klensin at
Mon Mar 9 22:50:07 CET 2009

--On Monday, March 09, 2009 14:35 -0700 Tina Dam
<tina.dam at> wrote:

> Forgot to mention one thing:
> It's not just script mixing (which is now prohibited) that can
> cause problems. Imagine a zone for which both Cyrillic and
> Latin and Greek is supported, although mixing the scripts
> within one label does not take place. There can still be
> problems - for example, who know which script aaa.tld belongs
> too. I guess it does only matter if there is more than one of
> those domains registered - which there off course should not
> be. 

Actually, I would not say "of course".  Prohibiting the
registration of ααα.tld (alpha-alpha-alpha) just because
someone came along years earlier and registered "aaa.tld" when
registration of ααα was impossible, seems to me to be a
policy matter and a very complex one at that.


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