Not Folding Case (was: Re: Eszett ( was AW: Esszett, Final Sigma, ZWJ and ZWNJ)

SM sm at
Sun Mar 8 20:12:22 CET 2009

At 22:02 24-02-2009, Martin Duerst wrote:
>This is a well-known phenomenon. French people get told that there
>are no accents on upper-case letters in school, and then live on with
>that belief. Thereafter, they regularly see upper-case letters with
>accents, but they don't realize that they might have to change their
>beliefs because reading these upper-case letters with accents happens
>unconciously. Some even might claim that something is wrong when
>somebody shows them an example of an upper-case letter with an

You can find out what "l'Académie française" says 
about upper-case letters with accents at


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