Another round of IDNAv2, and thoughts on IDNA2008 goals

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Fri Mar 6 09:54:47 CET 2009

On 4 mar 2009, at 20.20, Paul Hoffman wrote:

> This leaves the primary difference between the two the major goal of  
> IDNA2008: to create a framework that is independent of Unicode  
> version, that is, that does not need to be changed in the future as  
> the Unicode Consortium comes out with new versions of the Unicode  
> Standard. IDNAv2 definitely doesn't try to achieve this goal, and I  
> have added a few sentences about that in the introduction.

As I have said a few times earlier on this list (last time spring 2007  
or so though), it is the other way around.

With IDNAv2 you *have_to* revise when Unicode is releasing a new  
version of the Unicode Standard. With IDNA2008 you only have to do it  
if there is something that require a change to the rules, most notably  
Exceptions. So, with IDNA2008 we still have to run the rules, check  
the diff etc. But we do not HAVE TO produce an RFC.

And, as the wg found consensus on earlier, we already wanted IANA to  
have a generated table similar to appendix B in the tables document so  
this is something that is already part of their task. See IANA  
Considerations Section of the tables document.


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