New versions: Defs-07, Protocol-10, Rationale-08

John C Klensin klensin at
Fri Mar 6 08:26:38 CET 2009

New versions of the documents are in the posting queue.  

This round has been very difficult for me as editor because we
have actually had little discussions of the documents
themselves but have had multiple side threads going on --
outlines of separate document sets, discussion of fundamental
DNS changes, multiple mapping theories, extended discussion of
a small number of specific characters, etc.  That is less a
complaint than an observation -- my attempts to explore
possibilities for ways to bring the different perspectives into
some type of convergence have certainly contributed to it.

While I don't think the various discussions about whether and
how to map have converged sufficiently (and I certainly haven't
heard Vint declare consensus around any of them), I've tried to
provide some preliminary draft text for the alternatives in
temporary appendices.  That text should provide us a starting
point if we decide to move in the directions it reflects.  It
does not change the base document.  I've also repaired
Definitions a bit (including adding Andrew's extra box to the
picture) and inserted a lot of new placeholder notes about
questions for the WG and things that should be done in the

I have made no attempt to update the Security Considerations
materials to reflect the different views of the mapping
problem.  That is another "decide first, text later" situation
for me (unless Vint tells me otherwise).

If people find problems in these versions --problems in the
context of the WG's current course of action, not departures in
new (or very old) directions-- there is time to do another pass
and generate new versions before the cutoff.  But there isn't
much time, so the sooner I get focused comments the better.  If
you do send (or post) notes, please be sure I know which
document you are referring to, ideally by changing subject lines
to reflect document, version, and topic.

A quick summary of changes follows (these are slightly edited
versions of the change logs from the three documents):


   o  Modified Figure 1 to put an additional box around NR-LDH
      Labels (per Andrew Sullivan) and rationalized spelling
	  of "non-reserved". 

   o  Added a temporary note about page breaks and the figures.

   o  Modified terminology slightly to mention "underscore
      labels" and to revise the statements about equivalence.


   o  Rewrote the registration input material slightly to
      further clarify the "no mapping on registration"

   o  Added placeholder notes about several tasks, notably
      reorganizing Section 4 and Section 5 so that subsection
	  numbers are parallel. 

   o  Cleaned up an incorrect use of the terms "A-label" and
      "U-label" in the lookup phase that was spotted by Mark
	  Davis.  Inserted a note there about alternate ways to
	  deal with the resulting terminology problem.

   o  Added a temporarily appendix to document alternate 
      strategies for possible replacements for Section 5.3.


   o  Slight revision to "contextual" discussion (Section
      3.1.2) and moving it to a separate subsection, rather
	  than under "PVALID", for better parallelism with Tables.
	  Also reflected Mark's comments about the limitations of
	  the approach. 

   o  Added placeholder notes as reminders of where references
      to the other documents need Section numbers.  More of
	  these will be added as needed (feel free to identify
	  relevant places), but the actual section numbers will
	  not be inserted until the documents are completely
	  stable, i.e., on their way to the RFC Editor. 


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