Completely off-topic: what about legacy UTF-8 DNS and IDNA2003?

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Tue Mar 3 19:20:23 CET 2009

At 22:18 02/03/2009, John C Klensin wrote:
>  would like to have the documents in as good shape as possible
>before San Francisco.  In order to do that, I'm trying to absorb
>relevant comments and suggestions.    But I'm also trying to
>follow the list, just in case something comes up that ought to
>be reflected in the documents.  I'm also hoping that people will
>actually read and comment on the details and text of the posted
>versions (either the IDNA2008 ones or even Paul's alternative).
>It would really help with that if the notes that involve
>speculation about DNS changes, etc., just stopped for a while or
>were taken elsewhere.

we fully agree, but for the current DNS needing to be modified. We 
just need not to overload it in better defining what belongs to it 
and to the ML-DNS as a better and more stable way to use it. IMHO 
there are no big problems with the Internet technology, only with the 
way it is considered: we might need more work in the ISO 11179 and 
networked DDDS areas before revisiitng the DNS.

1. Please indicate now what is the whole document set you want to see 
revised. Our working method is to put them on the 
(in Drafs part) for everyone to be able to review them. We wish to 
work on your current versions.

2. I think the situation we reached permits to fulfill most of my 
initial requirements in terms of:
- advanced table with the work led by Patrick, and adding the IGNORE 
and TEMPORARY category (class) and the non-case-folding xx-- 
user/experimental namespace. This result is something better that 
your first April fools RFC :-)
- relational space (coordinated zone chain) inheritence (restrictions 
by the Zone Managers adds-up): mechanism to determine.
- cultural e-empowerment support in giving back the control to local 
cultural semiotic: language,syntax, typography, grammar, semantics 
and pragmatics.

3. depending on that,
- either the "xx--" experimental/private use namespace can be 
introduced to facilitate compatibility, interoperability or intelligibility.
- or it is entirely defined externally through a different parallel 
independent ad experimendum submission.


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