Completely off-topic: what about legacy UTF-8 DNS and IDNA2003?

Shawn Steele (???) Shawn.Steele at
Mon Mar 2 20:48:49 CET 2009

I've had some questions asked about how punycode names and UTF-8 names should interoperate in environments where there's a history of UTF-8 DNS.  (Yea, I know it'll take a bajillion years for DNS to support UTF-8, but the fact is that most name servers seem to allow characters > 0x7f, and so in many environments UTF-8 names actually work and there is an installed base that users want to keep working, AND coexist with Punicode names.)

Mostly the suggestions I've heard so far are "use utf-8 for intranet names and punicode for internet names," but I suspect that leaves a lot to be desired.

Any thoughts?

- Shawn

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